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Gynecomastia, also known as male breasts, is a common condition that can affect a man at any point in life. The condition can be consequential to the effect of certain drugs, hereditary conditions or hormonal changes. Men who suffer from this condition often find themselves in a situation of embarrassment. If you are suffering from enlarged male breasts then consider undergoing male breast reduction surgery in Delhi. A large number of men prefer undergoing the knife to get rid of this condition.
Male breast reduction surgery can be performed by two methods – liposuction or liposuction with glandular excision. In some cases, skin excision might be needed as well, especially in patients who have large deposits of excess skin. Your plastic surgeon will decide which approach is best for you.

Procedure for Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery or Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a medical term initiated from the Greek words – “women like breasts”. This condition is far more common than you might even think. Forty to sixty percent of the male population is affected by this condition. It can affect either one or both the male breasts. Even though the condition can be consequential to the side-effects of certain drugs, hormonal changes or heredity, it can also occur from unidentified sources or reasons.

Candidacy For Gynecomastia Surgery

When it comes to the candidacy for the treatment of enlarge male breasts, the patient should be emotionally and physically healthy and fit. You experience physical discomfort because of enlarged male breasts. The ideal candidates for this procedure are those who elastic and firm skin and who want to reshape their body. Men who have tried diet and exercise and yet failed to achieve desired body shape are the right candidate for this procedure. it is after performing check-up your cosmetic surgeon would determine whether or not you are fit for this surgery.

The Procedure

The entire plastic surgery procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. It can also be done under local anaesthesia. The procedure lasts for nearly two to three hours. If there is excess of skin, fat and glandular tissue, it is also removed during the surgery. It can be performed alone or in combination with lipoplasty, in which the suction device would be normally inserted through the existing incisions. For the elimination of excess fatty tissue deposits, liposuction might be all that is needed. In such an approach, the scar would be small and barely noticeable.

Post-Surgery Care

Make sure you follow the instructions given by the plastic surgeon for quick and timely healing and recovery. You will be asked to wear an elastic plastic garment for three to six weeks. Make sure that you do not expose scarred areas to the sun for at least six to eight months. No heavy lifting and strenuous activity for four to six weeks. Avoid smoking as it not only slows the healing process but also increases the risk of complications. Do not drink alcohol. Adhering to the instructions given by the surgeon would speed up the recovery process.

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